For every house is built by someone,

but the builder of all things is God.

Hebrews 3:4

Monday, July 6, 2009

Barnyard Quilt

Why would one desire to take several yards of fabric, cut them up into smaller pieces only to sew them back together again? This is a question some may ask who can't seem to fathom the whole process or purpose of quilting. My love for quilting has much to do with my appreciation for things from "the olden days". To me, quilts represent a time when a slower pace of life was the norm for many folks. A time when television did not take center stage in the home and families gathered around the table to eat a home cooked meal prepared by Mom every night. Maybe evenings were spent together resting in the family room after a hard day's work while Dad lead a time of reading the Bible, talking, singing... Family members were involved in each others lives as they shared their hearts with one another. Perhaps this was done around the fire place while snuggled in a cozy quilt. Three years ago, while living in Southern California, my friend Mrs. Schoenberger brought a barn quilt to our Titus 2 Quilting Circle. My love for red barns and quilting inspired me to start collecting fabric over the next few years. After finding the last piece of fabric here in middle Tennessee, I'm in the process of piecing together my barnyard favorite. To make it even more memorable, my friend Dorene has joined me in this adventure. Although, hers will take a little different twist than mine. Instead of barns, her quilt will be adorned with potting sheds! Way too cute! My fabric before it was cut

Cut fabric for the crop rows

Crop rows

One of the red barns. There are four barns and each will be pieced with a different red fabric.


Stay tuned for pictures of the finished quilt

~ Christa ~

1 comment:

Lady Farmer said...

Oh! I can't wait to see your finished Barnyard Quilt! I love barns! Growing up on my grandparents farm, I was in the barn nearly every day! You might say the barn was my second home! *grin* I don't think that is a bad thing considering Jesus was born in one!
I have traveled across the U.S. a couple of times with my youngest daughter (from Washington State to New York and back)and wished I had a camera then to take pictures of all the fascinating barns we saw! I thought it would make a great calender.
Your quilt will be so lovely!