For every house is built by someone,

but the builder of all things is God.

Hebrews 3:4

Monday, August 17, 2009

Learning to Can Green Beans

Franklin Springs Family Media presents The Art of Canning, hosted by the West Ladies of Homestead Blessings

The southern charm and hospitality of the West Ladies will make you feel welcome as they share their knowledge of homemaking skills in their new DVD series:

The Art Of Canning

The Art of Gardening

The Art of Herbs

Now what is happening in the Smith's garden and kitchen?

My delightful garden was not able to produce baskets overflowing with green beans for canning.
I was about to avoid this part of my food preserving adventure when low and behold I received a phone call from my friend Amy. She explained her dilemma of having too many green beans in her garden. She asked us if we would please come and pick as many as we can. Twice we visited her garden and harvested as many green beans as we could.
My girls and I have been snapping those beans and canning them with grateful hearts to the Lord.

The Pressure canner was a new addition to our canning supplies this year.
Amy gave us a lesson on how to use this scary looking thing and we were soon convinced that it wouldn't blow up and throw green beans all over our ceiling.

How are things going for you in your garden and kitchen this year?
I would love to hear your story.

Thanks Paul and Amy for the green beans and canning lessons.

You've been a blessing to our family!

~ Christa ~


Anonymous said...

Hi, Christa. This is great. Canning is a new thing for me this year, too. Our beans didn't make either, but we did get some locally. I learned to can for the first time. I've done 51 quarts so far. I would love to have more. I have a baby girl who will be a year old soon and is just beginning solids. I'd like to preserve as many vegetables as I can for her "first" foods. We'll be planting a fall garden soon. Also, my husband just ordered the homestead blessings DVD set for me. I'm so excited! I've learned alot from Granny Miller -- This site has videos and detailed instructions with pictures for canning and freezing many fruits and vegetables. You may enjoy it. It has been very helpful to me. It's exciting to learn these things.

Amy in AL

Christa said...

Hi Amy,
Thanks for sharing about your garden and your desire to give your baby girl fresh veggies instead of the store bought. I wish I would have known all this when my kids were babies.
You are going to love the West's new DVD's. We really enjoyed the one on gardening and herbs. My husband and son built a chicken coop for the West Ladies and they (the West ladies) served them mint tea straight from their garden. They came home and said I needed to find out how they made it. Well, it's on the DVD! I'm so excited. I'm going to grow lots of apple mint next year.
Thanks for the tip on Granny Miller. I will check out her blog.

Blessings to you and your family,


Anonymous said...

I'm interested to know what you think about Granny Miller blog. (It is actually just archives as you will see.) I believe you will find it very informative. She really seems to have a heart to teach the lost arts of homesteading. Let me know.

Amy in AL

I'm really excited about the DVD's!

Christa said...

Hi Amy,
I was only able to look at the Granny Miller blog for a few minutes. I'm going to look at it more in the next few days because there is so much there. It looks good so far. I'll let you know what I think when I spend more time


Christa said...

Hi Amy,
I was able to read some of Granny Miller's blog and it is full of great homesteading information. Thank you for directing me to that site. I added it to "Blogs I Enjoy"