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Hebrews 3:4

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Great Family Friendly Films

The Homestead Blessing Series

My daughters and I love this series.   Right now Franklin Springs is offering the series at a great price.  Visit their website to find out the details and to view segments of the DVDs.

The warm hospitality of The West Ladies, with their fun-filled instruction, is serving to encourage, motivate and equip households in a wide-variety of skills that are complementing numerous homemaking endeavors. Franklin Springs Family Media would like to encourage you to bless someone in your life with the Homestead Blessings series this Christmas season!

Now, introducing the newest of the series:
The Art of Cooking

Put on your apron, warm up the oven and savor The Art of Cooking. With years of experience preparing delectable southern recipes, the West Ladies - Vicki, Jasmine, Hannah, and CeCe - teach a wealth of fun and helpful kitchen essentials that will make your culinary adventures richly memorable.
Go to Franklin Springs Family Media to preorder your copy.
Our family has enjoyed all the films from Franklin Springs.  They are family friendly and educational as well.  We love all of their films, but here are a few of our favorites:
Inherit The Land
A Journey Home
Eden Strings
Still Standing:  The Stonewall Jackson Story
Measure Twice, Cut Once
The Art of Gardening
The Art of Herbs
The Art of Canning
Enjoy your visit to
Brittany, Vicki West of Homestead Blessings and Cassaundra.
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