For every house is built by someone,

but the builder of all things is God.

Hebrews 3:4

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Our Snow Storm

Last week, we had an unusual snow storm come through our neck of the woods. Four to five inches of snow came in.  I know, to those of you who live in the colder climates, that's nothing, but to us Southerners, it was breaking news, and...a lot of fun!
 Our birdies' house
 My garden
My car is more familiar with the California sunshine than the snow.
I think it will survive.
 Our House
 My husband and son built a sled.

Not bad for these former Californians.

Now for some real action.
Take a look at these videos.


Luke explaining the ice on our car.

This is Luke sledding on the back of our property.

Finally, my knight in shining armor.

Good Day Y'all



Camille said...

How fun! Especially when it is a novelty to you! We don't get much snow here, but when we do it is a BIG deal! AND it snarles up traffic and things don't run so smoothly.

This winter has been very mild ~ you asked what the weather has been like ~ typical west coast winter ~ lots of rain. BUT today, during our beach walk I was wishing for shorts...I got HOT! Now, I am usually warmer than most people around me and we were doing a work-out, so it was not hot, but the sun was shining and it really felt "balmy".

Make the most of your snow days! AND enjoy!! BTW ~ why was there not a video of YOU sledding?? :)

Have a lovely weekend my friend!

Lady Farmer said...

Hi Christa~
I can't watch video's with my dial-up connection, but snow is great fun for us here in WA too! Enjoy the white stuff while you may ~ I think Spring is just around the corner ~ in 6 weeks anyway! *heehee*

Christa said...

Sledding? For me? I think I'll stick to staying cozy and warm inside with a cup of hot tea and a craft project. :0)


Antoinette K. said...

Oh that looks like soooo much fun!!! I think you might have some professional sled racers on your hands Mrs. S!!! LOL :) The ice on the car is AMAZING, it brings back memories of living in Nevada! *sigh*

I LOVED Lukess "accent" in the videos too! Very funny!

I hope you are still enjoying the snow and hot tea, I wish we could have some with you! :)


Miss Antoinette

Nadine said...

Oh, what fun! That sled is great - what a neat father & son project!
We are having a very mild winter here in the fact I am now in the mood for spring!


corry said...

So much fun! Have a lovely weekend and stay warm!

Tracy said...

Your blog is truly inspirational!

Anonymous said...

Hi Christa...I saw your post on New Harvest Homestead...I don't know where you are in TN...but I live outside of Nashville. Guthrie, KY may be a bit of a hike for you...but there is a little Mennonite store call The Country Pantry. It is where I buy all our bulk grain. Montana Wheat, oats, etc. You have to know your prices to make sure it's a deal...but they carry elk, raw cheeses, a small amount of bulk fruits, lots of nuts, dried fruit, spices, baking staples, cast iron, locally made soaps/natural topical remedies and more. Again, I don't know how far that is for you...but it may be worth a trip every 6 months. It's been a real blessing for us. In His Amazing Love, Addie

Christa said...

Hi Addie,
Thank you so much for that information. I may take some friends with me and check it out.
Thanks for stopping by.


Paul said...

Hey there!
It's been awhile since I've visited your blog.
I'm lovin' Luke's accent in these videos.

What a hoot!