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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Help! I Need Your Advice!

I saw this pattern in a quilt shop ten years ago and fell in love with it. It was displayed as a table runner and I asked the friendly quilt shop lady if I could make it into a king size bed quilt. She told me it wasn't a problem. I purchased my fabric and pattern and started my 10 year project! Yes, (sigh), it took me ten years to finish this quilt.
There are 64 squares in all, a nice little border and sashing.
My dilema is that this quilt measures 120" by 120" and It now needs to be quilted.
As a new quilter 10 years ago, that was not something I considered.
The quilt is to large for me to machine quilt so that is not an option.
A decision needs to be made about this great giant. Do I dive in an hand quilt it or send it in to a long arm quilter?

I had an extra square so I made a sample of how I might hand quilt it. It took me a long, long, long time. I'm afraid another 10 years will pass before I would get it done.
My children could be married and I most likely will be a grandmother by then.

This is where you all come in. What do you think? Should I hand quilt or send it to a long arm quilter and why? If your answer is handquilting, what other design would you recommend? If your answer is long arm quilting, what design do you have in mind for that?

I would love to hear your input through the comment section.

~ Christa ~


Antoinette K. said...

Mrs. Smith,

I know how you feel not knowing if you would be able to finish it if you hand quilt it, I struggle with this every time I make a quilt myself! :) The truth is, even though I am younger than you, I still have NO spare time to hand quilt mine (I am still hand quilting the very first quilt I made, the one I was working on when we had quilting class at church!) Ya, it is that bad for me, so I would suggest getting it done by a quilter, if you have the money! It saves you time, and a finished quilt!:) It cost more, but some quilters will let you design the pattern you would like on your quilt, such as the one sampler you made, but I think a pretty sweepy-floral-looking design would look wonderful on that quilt!
NO STIPPLING, that would not look good on that quilt!
I hope this was helpful to you! :)
Happy sewing!

Antoinette K.

PS. Even though hand quilting it makes it very special too, if you do decide to hand quilt it! ;)

Antoinette K. said...

So sorry that comment was sooooo long!


Antoinette K.

Linda Stubbs said...

I am with Antoinette. I would get it done by a quilter. You would then have it done. What you have done though is very beautiful. I guess it is do you want it now or later. smile. Not much help!

Thank you so much for putting me up on your blog. I really appreciate it. I can tell that I will loveeeeeeee reading your blog. I am in the middle of baking for Farmer's Market, but I will be back. I am a follower and will put you in my favorite list.
Blessings, Linda

Anonymous said...

Dear Christa,
I think you did a beautiful job quilting. It is very rewarding. Sadly, it will take you a very long time. You remember the twin size I made for Grace.... I'm still working on it (hand quilting), and it is not easy to handle being so big(unless you have a large floor frame to have it up for a few months or years. I have decided not to hand quilt again such a large piece. I will do a piece that I can hang on the wall and appreciate the hand quilting. I would recommend a machine quilter, but I would specify a custom quilting so it can highlight your appliques!!

Your Friend,

Mary P.

Christa said...

Thank you very much Antoinette, Linda and Mary for your input on my quilt. It looks like having it quilted by a long arm quilter would be the best way to to. That will have to be put on hold until the funds are there. It will cost a pretty penny I believe.
Hey Mary, can I borrow you stitch regulated Bernina? LOL! I guess that would be hard since now we are many miles apart. :(

Thanks again ladies,


Anonymous said...

I would love to loan it to ya, let me bring it!! :) ~Mary