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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Peach Pit Jelly

We just finished canning our peaches and we saved our peach pits and skins for making Peach Pit Jelly. This recipe came from The New Harvest Homestead newsletter and it is so yummy. If it's too late for you to make some, save the recipe for next year. You will be glad you did.
Peach Pit Jelly
Save all pits and skins from a days canning of peaches
Cover with cold water and let stand overnight in the refrigerator
Next morning, bring to a boil and cook for ten minutes
Drain off the juice through a jelly bag
Add 1 package of pectin and 5 cups of sugar for every four cups of juice
Boil according to directions on pectin package
This is a clear, mild and pretty peach flavored jelly
Last year I didn't can peaches but we saved all of our pits in the freezer until I thought I had enough to make jelly. It turned out great!
~ Christa ~


Keeper of our Home said...

I have not tried this before or heard of it, so thank you for the recipe. It reminds me some of the Corn Cob Jelly I make.

~Mrs. M

Lady Farmer said...

Hello Christa!
Thank you for visiting my blogs! I am always so happy to meet new blogging friends!(And I wonder how you found me?)

I just love your sweet blog ~ you are a kindred spirit, I think! We love so many of the same things.

Peach Pit Jelly! Why I never heard of that before! I will surly keep the recipe for next year as I have already canned my peaches for this year!

Oh, what a beautiful place you live in. And I am so fascinated with the Amish people around you. I love their lifestyle ~ almost like my childhood growing up on my grandparents farm!

I look forward to reading more of your posts.


Sharon said...

That sounds perfect! I have made Apple Jelly but a mild Peach Jelly would be wonderful! Thanks for sharing :)


Linda Stubbs said...

Hi CHRISTa, I am so excited. I have peaches and I put in google peach pit jelly. I saw you so i came over. I am so excited, but I had to just stop and ..........say hi and thank you! I will be trying this today.

Oh how fun, all my sweet friends left you comments. Don't cha just love them!

Have a good day! You put this up a year ago, for me too!
Hugs, Linda

Carmen said...

This is too funny...
I have an Amish recipe for peach pit jelly but couldn't find it. I googled it and found you! Also found you have a button for Raising Homemamkers...I'm a contributor! And found that Linda from Prairie Flower Farm left a comment just before me...I read her blog every day! It's a small, small world!


Krista said...

I am about to can peaches for the the first time today and I am glad I came upon your recipe! I love your blog! Thank you for sharing :)