For every house is built by someone,

but the builder of all things is God.

Hebrews 3:4

Friday, October 30, 2009

Giveaway at Prairie Flower Farm!

Old Farmhouse Window Wall Hanging
22" X 50"

Oh my dear! I can hardly stand it! Linda at Prairie Flower Farm is having this wonderful giveaway! Those of you who know me and my house, know this will make a perfect embellishment for one of my country walls. If you would like the opportunity to win, visit Linda at Prairie Flower Farm. Let her know that Christa from Country Hearts at Home sent you.


~ Christa ~


Linda Stubbs said...

You crack me up Girl Friend!!! I read your comment to my husband and was laughing so hard I could hardly read it. You made my heart sing!! Thank you for posting about this. How sweet are you!!!!!! I love blogging and loveeeee doing giveaways. This one is my fav so far though. Last year for all our older kids and their families I made a wall hanging with an old window. In each window pane I decorated a piece of card stock and scrap booked each page with pic's and embellishments. It turned out so cool. I had a separate scrapbook page for each member of their family in each pane. The last page had a prayer for their family from Poppa and I. They have them hanging in their house. Really turned out beautiful. I think that is a post idea!!!! I did take pic's of the wall hangings. Well thank you for all you did for me. I truly appreciate it. I never knew that I would have so much fun with blogger friends. Love ya friend, Linda

Mrs. P. said...

Christa...I followed you from your comments on Linda's blog. Your blog is lovely and I'm going to follow you. I also invite you over to my blog. I'm having a modest little giveaway that I'd like to invite you to enter.


Antoinette K. said...

Ooooo nice, I will have to tell my mom about this giveaway! It is adorable, and yes it suites you a lot Mrs.S!

Thanks for letting us know about this wonderful giveaway! :)


Miss. Antoinette K.

Camille said...

Very pretty...I can see why you got so excited! It is lovely!! :) I hope you win deserve to for your infectious enthusiasm!!

And Linda ~ You really should do a post on those...what a great idea you did for your kids last year! VERY BEAUTIFUL!! :)