For every house is built by someone,

but the builder of all things is God.

Hebrews 3:4

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Got Red and White?

Hey Y'all,

     This week we have been busy putting 
together all kinds of cute things.
So, my mother is having me post
about our recent find, 
and my most current project. 
     Last weekend Mom and I went to the
flea market in Nashville to search 
for some antiques.  
While we were looking around, 
we found this cute vintage pot for a very 
reasonable price.
We snatched it up with our Etsy store in mind.

     Meanwhile, back in our sewing room, 
I have been working on another apron 
using red and white gingham
for our Etsy store.  
I liked it so much that I wanted 
to share it with all our country friends.

Do you like to cook in style?

Has my mom ever told you 
that we love the color red?
What is your favorite color?


Cassaundra Mae


Melanie said...

Flea markets are so much fun. You never know what you might find.
That is a great pot and the apron is so pretty too.
I love red and white gingham, but my favorite color is blue. :)

Mary Ann said...

I love red and anything gingham. The apron is beautiful!

Mrs. JP said...

Love the pot you found! It is darling and in good shape too.
Red, doesn't look good on me but I like the color most in quilts. My favorite colors are royal blue, dark turquoise, dark purple and jade green. Sounds like I should buy some of those colors and make an Amish style quilt!
I do like aprons. It sets the mood, makes for no distractions. Yep, when I don an apron it's cooking time for sure.

Lady Farmer said...

Cassaundra Mae ~
I don't think I could give up my flea market find that was that cute! I love enamelware! (I have a small collection of cream and green!)
I like your red gingham apron so much! It would look so good in a kitchen with an apple, strawberry or cherry theme! And ~ Perfect in the Country Kitchen for Christmas! (Say that 5 times fast!)
Thanks for the update and tell yer mamma she is missed!
Oh, and my favorite color(s) are green and blue and browns and....

Camille said...

I *love*love*love* red and white gingham (and all ginham for that matter) and your apron is too cute!! Thanks for sharing do lovely work! :)


Anonymous said...

Hmmmm, I think my new favorite color is red gingham... beautiful apron!!!

Mrs.P ~ way out here in California!! Miss ya'll

Gail @ Faithfulness Farm said...

I am all about the REDS!! I love those chippy enameled pots and that apron is great!


Mountain Home Quilts said...

Um, I REALLY want that pot. I'll have to pray about that one though! Do I need it? No. Do I love it though and want it? Yes. I'm surprised you had the ability to list it! :)
As far as my favorite color goes, I love any earthy tone. Red and white though has always had a special place in my heart. So classic and beautiful!